Our Vision Is To unlock route-related corridor development projects on the N3 National Highway, and to expand such products and services onto other national routes.

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Zimele Investment Enterprise Co. (Pty) Ltd

Zimele Investment Enterprise Co. (Pty) Ltd was created as a result of an agreement between the South African National Roads Agency SOC Ltd ( SANRAL ) & N3 Toll Concession (RF) Proprietary Limited (N3TC), who entered into a 30 year Public Private Partnership agreement on a Build / Operate / Transfer basis to operate the N3 National highway.  

N3TC created this 70% BEE Company in order to implement it’s commercial and socio-economic development obligations.

Some Of Our Projects That Impact On Commercial Haulier Operations:

Route Management Services - The Solution

Commercial transport companies experience serious problems related to the provision of timely management information, and the level of fraud that emanates from their current payment systems.

Zimele has had a toll card solution ( The Zimele Toll Card) in place on the N3 national route for several years now. This product has gone a long way toward assisting Hauliers to manage their toll usage by providing significant  management information. As part of our continued commitment to offer the Haulage industry the best and most innovative service possible, Zimele has now developed a system called Route Management Services (RMS).

This system is Internet based with real time transactions available on line. A fraud detection component has also been built in. The card is currently usable for toll charges at the plazas on the N3 national route namely:

Zimele is currently piloting the automation of the ingress / egress / payment control systems at its truck stop sites. Once this project goes live, it will also be moved into the RMS system which will offer near real time truck parking information to our truck stop customers.

Zimele Truck Stop Enterprises (Pty) Ltd

Sites were taken over by Zimele from SANRAL at Warden and Balmoral in the Free State section of the route. These sites were converted and made operational as Truck Stops. Sites have security fencing, high mast lighting, ablution and eating facilities in place and are operated entirely through SMME operations.

In January 2012, Zimele Truck Stop Enterprises (Pty) Ltd was created and all the truck stop / parking facilities are operated and managed under this company.

Weighbridges & Load Shifting Operations

Zimele, in a Joint Venture Operation with TRAC, manages the Operations and Maintenance of the heavy vehicle weighbridges situated in Heidelberg in Gauteng Province, as well as Zebediela, Polokwane & Beit Bridge in the Northern Province.

A sub-contractor handling the offloading and storage of excessive loads was appointed by Zimele at the Heidelberg, Polokwane and Zebediela sites.

Violation prosecution forms part of the contract.

Contractual Relationships

Zimele is also involved in Joint Venture relationships with Highway Square cc ( t/a Vaal 1 Stop ) and Star Stop Monte Vista, where Zimele operates the parking facilities at these two sites on behalf of the Joint Venture Partners.