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About African Weighbridge Operations

African Weighbridge Operations

With close to 15 years in the weighbridge business African Weighbridge Operations (through Zimele) has become a formidable player in the weighbridge industry and operates some of Africa’s largest and busiest weighbridges. The AWO business footprint is expanding into the SADC region relying on its expertise of technical personnel to offer favourable partnerships whilst ensuring the transfer of skills to the local entities in this field.

This is what has enabled AWO to successfully overcome the growing challenges of efficiently and optimally running multiple weighbridge sites across South Africa against the backdrop of a dynamically changing Haulier Industry.

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African Weighbridge Operations


Contact AWO

+27 11 453 5023
+27 11 453 5033
2nd Floor Block B, Pellmeadow Office Park
60 Civin Drive, Bedfordview 2007, Johannesburg South Africa
Mon to Fri – 8:00am to 5:00pm
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It is well known that overloaded heavy vehicles on the roads cause an excessive amount of damage to any countries road infrastructure. Properly controlling overloading is therefore paramount and no doubt saves governments and local authorities a lot of unnecessary expenditure on repairs and maintenance..

Therefore having the right operator coupled with the appropriate technology plays a very important role in enabling AWO to deliver the required solutions for its Clients. AWO continues to align itself with top industry players who have the appropriate proven software as well as equipment which ensures;

  1. a) Compliance – in regulatory and technical requirements.
  2. b) Accuracy – avoiding false acceptance or rejections.
  3. c) Reporting – enabling various analytical exceptions.
Our Vision

To be a formidable operator of weighbridges in the SADC region having greater reliance on innovative technology as the differentiator towards achieving the goal.

Our Mission

• Ensuring ultimate compliance and enforcement of the Clients project requirements so as to achieve maximum protection of its national network of roads.
• Empowering personnel through ongoing training as well as ensuring that there is a pleasant working environment conducive for optimal work performance.
• To continually manage operations efficiently and effectively in order to maximize shareholder value.