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Zimele Truck Stop Enterprises

Zimele’s four secure truck parking facilities are conveniently located along Southern Africa’s busiest interstate freeway, showcasing a total daily capacity in excess of 600 parking bays, and making Zimele the N3 national route’s largest truck parking organisation.

Route Secure

Offering an exciting and innovative route based safe and secure assuring service aimed at providing peace of mind to the various route related heavy vehicle stakeholders.

African Weighbridge Operations

With close to 15 years in the weighbridge business, African Weighbridge Operations (through Zimele) has become a formidable player in the weighbridge industry and operates some of Africa’s largest and busiest weighbridges.

Route Control Centre

The N3 National route operates 24/7 route based Call Centre, complete with an Incident Management system interfacing with a dedicated route patrol services operation. This is supported by an array of CCTV cameras along the route, making it a fully reliable service, which can be counted upon to offer an extremely efficient communication and emergency response service.

Route Management Services

Through its advanced toll road card payment system, as well as being an official SANRAL Key Account e-tag service provider, Zimele’s Route Management System (RMS) is in the forefront in offering payment solutions for toll roads. The only real time card payment and fraud detection system in the industry sets the RMS system apart from the competition including the major banks.


African Secure Truck Parking Organisation was established to provide independent certification and accreditation of safe and secure truck parking relating to existing truck stops in accordance with international standards, which have been adapted for African conditions. With the growing criminal activities around high value goods consignments, manufacturers are increasingly seeking more and more certified and accredited safe and secure parking facilities, which ASTPORG will be able to certify and accredit in Africa.

African Truck Stop Association

Creating an intergrated vision for the future of truck stops in Africa aimed at addressing the needs, focal points, legislative framework and other factors contributing to the improvement of truck stops in Africa.

Load Control Operations

In 2007, a Joint Venture was formed between Zimele and Trans African Concessions (Pty) Ltd (TRAC), where both companies played an equal role in establishing LCO – JV. Over a period of seven years, Zimele skilled up and acquired all the necessary resources and technical knowhow within itself to be able to operate and manage large and complex Traffic Control Centre (Weighbridge) contracts such as the Beitbridge, Polokwane and Zebediela Weighbridges, which the LCO-JV operated very successfully.